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Abraham and Charlie went on a “dad out” one day, and Abraham wanted to dress like Daddy.  They were very cute together!  IMG_0147

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the hot items at Eli’s birthday a few weeks ago.  He got this oh-so-cool shirt from my sister Jessica and her husband Jason.  It fits his style very well. IMG_1270

The boys are still really loving on their baby sister!  Eli tends to get right in her face and talk very loudly about how much he likes her.  Abraham sings to Felicity and holds her hand if she’s fussy in the car, and Sammy likes to draw pictures for her.  They’re all very cute with her! IMG_1278

Felicity Rose turned 3 months old this week and celebrated by wearing her first 6-9 month outfit!  (She’s about 15 lbs.) She’s been averaging a weight gain of about a pound every 2 weeks.  Chubby babies are so snuggly!IMG_1296

And Abraham is always keeping us laughing!  When he saw me taking a picture of him, he said he needed to pose.  He’s drilling. 🙂IMG_1297

Here is Felicity sitting up with a little help from her Boppy pillow!  IMG_1299

The girls being silly.  Well, I’m acting silly anyway. 🙂 IMG_1308


Thanks for keeping up with our family even though our updates have become so infrequent!

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