Well, it’s been over 2 months since we blogged and I think I’m ready to get back into the habit.  It has been really busy around here living life with 4 kids!  We enjoy our family but don’t have a lot of extra time for hobbies.  (big surprise)  Anyway, I hope I can keep this up because I think it’s fun looking back at the blog and seeing how our kids have grown!  On that note, it’s time for some pictures!

Yesterday was very pretty so we decided to head up to the Roanoke Star for a short hike. Very fun!IMG_0420

It’s been very cold so far this year but we haven’t had a lot of snow.  Here are the boys watching it snow one day in January! IMG_1564

Sammy is growing quickly, reads a ton, takes care of his siblings, and we are proud of him as a young man.  Sammy got creative with his Legos a few weeks ago.IMG_1521

Eli is a careful student with good penmanship and has recently started reading!!!  He read this book the other night and was pretty excited about his accomplishment.IMG_1606

Reading it again for Daddy and Felicity the next morning.IMG_1609


Abraham loves to dress up like a superhero.  He has been a little bored when his brothers are in school so he switches costumes to keep himself entertained.  Iron Man in pj’s and then Batman after getting dressed!  I feel very safe with him around.



Felicity started rolling over this past week!!!  IMG_1618

I put my hair in a pony tail for the first time in at least 6 months!  It’s also very rare for Felicity to snuggle against up.  I wanted to document the occasion.IMG_1622

Felicity has developed bad sleeping habits, leaving Charlie and me very tired.  We had to let her cry to sleep last night.  Torture, but she seemed to be okay this morning.IMG_1625

Our baby girl seems to be growing up so fast these days!  She is playing with toys, grabbing her feet and laughing often.  We really enjoy this stage of life!IMG_1627