It was a beautiful weekend!  We played outside as much as possible after all the snow, and looking forward to another cold spell this week.  It felt so nice to be in the warm sun watching our kids play together.

Eli and Abraham enjoying leftover valentine’s suckers up in the tree house.  They really liked the color of the sky, and requested a picture of it. IMG_1895

Felicity sat in the window sill to watch her brothers, and the shadows.  She loved it!IMG_1909 

While I wasn’t looking, Sammy has grown!  I feel like he looks like a big kid in this picture! IMG_1910

A picture from before church to end the post.  Eli coordinated his camouflage outfit and Abraham is wearing an “America outfit” (he calls his socks “america socks”).  You can’t tell here but Felicity is wearing monogramed bloomers!IMG_1888