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Here are some candid videos of life in our backyard right now. Note the way humans, animals, and junk all exist together in harmony.


And here’s a good clip of Sammy enjoying a book:

We have been spending a lot of time in the yard this month as Charlie has been having fun building this:IMG_0866

for these guys: IMG_0889

I can hardly believe my life right now.  Never would I have expected to own chickens or that Charlie would find a hobby in them.  He loves taking care of them and planning their palace.  He put the roof on yesterday but it’s snowing outside right now so I’m not going to go outside to take a picture of it.  🙂  Look for an update on a later post.

The boys have found many things to do out in the yard, and this weekend they played dress-up!  Here’s dress-up for boys:

Eli is Thor, I’m not sure about Sammy, and Abraham is Captain America!IMG_0907

Adorable-ness. IMG_0914

I have the best time paying dress-up with my baby doll!IMG_2071

The kids have been keeping things fun around here!  The weather has warmed up some (today excluded) and we have really enjoyed being outside.  Here’s a cute picture of Felicity and I last week–loving the sunshine and watching the boys play at the park.  Aren’t we adorable??? IMG_1925

I spontaneously purchased a tutu on clearance, then had buyer’s remorse until I realized we have an adorable flower headband that matches perfectly!  We will have to take some spring photos of the princess (with a shirt) in this get-up. IMG_1933

Eli always keeps us laughing!  This is his alter ego, Mr. Willy Bottoms.IMG_1954

Other times, he sits quietly drawing.  IMG_1969

Sammy decorated some balloons.  Can you guess who they are?  (answer: Charlie and me)IMG_0795

Felicity likes to suck on her big toe when she’s getting a diaper change.IMG_1982

We have been blessed with our little girl for 7 months now!  We all love her so much.IMG_1997

She and Abraham are becoming really good friends.  Abraham said they were “tent buddies” here. IMG_2001

Big news!  Felicity has two teeth!! She’s so proud. IMG_2011


**Having four kids is incredibly busy and some days are really difficult and I barely make it till bedtime.  I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s hard.  I  just wanted to say that because we don’t take pictures during those times and I don’t want to misrepresent our lives as if we’ve got it all together.  

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