The kids have been keeping things fun around here!  The weather has warmed up some (today excluded) and we have really enjoyed being outside.  Here’s a cute picture of Felicity and I last week–loving the sunshine and watching the boys play at the park.  Aren’t we adorable??? IMG_1925

I spontaneously purchased a tutu on clearance, then had buyer’s remorse until I realized we have an adorable flower headband that matches perfectly!  We will have to take some spring photos of the princess (with a shirt) in this get-up. IMG_1933

Eli always keeps us laughing!  This is his alter ego, Mr. Willy Bottoms.IMG_1954

Other times, he sits quietly drawing.  IMG_1969

Sammy decorated some balloons.  Can you guess who they are?  (answer: Charlie and me)IMG_0795

Felicity likes to suck on her big toe when she’s getting a diaper change.IMG_1982

We have been blessed with our little girl for 7 months now!  We all love her so much.IMG_1997

She and Abraham are becoming really good friends.  Abraham said they were “tent buddies” here. IMG_2001

Big news!  Felicity has two teeth!! She’s so proud. IMG_2011


**Having four kids is incredibly busy and some days are really difficult and I barely make it till bedtime.  I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s hard.  I  just wanted to say that because we don’t take pictures during those times and I don’t want to misrepresent our lives as if we’ve got it all together.