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The moment Charlie has been waiting 9 months for happened a few weeks ago…his first kiss from Baby Girl.  I wasn’t there when it happened, but he gushed to me about it and how wonderful it was.  Then, a few days later, it happened again!  Felicity had just started pulling up so that was super exciting for her, and then Charlie got her to kiss his nose.  There was much excitement!

The Kiss!IMG_2720

The Celebration!IMG_2721


On Mother’s Day, I got all the kids out on the porch for a few pictures.  I loved it and they were great sports about it all.  IMG_2663

Best friends (for the moment) IMG_2667


Felicity and I got our picture taken after church (the boys had escaped to play by this time)


I look a little tired but had a great Mother’s Day with my family!  IMG_1169

I’ve officially run out of time to blog since Felicity started being more active!  I thought I’d throw up a few pics for the small number of family members who still check our site.  Maybe one day I’ll have more time and brain power to have real posts, but pictures will have to suffice for now.

Brittany, Jeff, Wyatt and Adelle came to visit early in May!  We had a great time together!!!

The girls going to the market IMG_1116

We have really enjoyed sitting on the porch this springIMG_1133

The boys are taking their second month of swimming lessons at the YMCA and loving it!IMG_1141

Felicity in her Easter dress!IMG_1145 

Sammy is finishing 1st grade and having fun, year-end activities, Eli is finishing up kindergarten and having lots of field trips, Abraham is loving life as usual, and Felicity is army crawling all over the place!  It’s all so fun and also tiring.  🙂

Once I get some photos uploaded from my phone, I’ll post those.  Till then, thanks for your patience!  🙂

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