Hopefully 2015 will bring a fresh start to our blogging.  We began homeschooling Sammy (2nd), Eli (1st) and Abraham (pre-k) this fall along with keeping up with a very busy 1 year old.  Add in a slow computer, and keeping up with this has ended.  Charlie loves new year’s resolutions, though, so I thought it was a good time to start keeping you in the loop again (grandparents and maybe some aunts)!

Sammy is 8 years old and growing up quickly!  He has become an avid reader, enjoys playing games, is learning to play the piano, and loves talking about church history with Dad (Charlie loves it too!).


Eli (7 yrs.) likes to be busy with his hands building, drawing, cooking, or helping around the yard.  He gravitates to little people (babies and preschoolers) and loves being silly!


Abraham is our precious preschooler!  He keeps up with the big guys and wants to be with them all of the time, but then he also really enjoys age appropriate activities when I introduce them to him.  (He is 4 years old.)  Sammy and Eli go to a co-op for school on Tuesday mornings, so that is our preschool time.  He likes to play with play-dough, do puzzles, read books together, and play pretend.  He LOVES pretending!  He pretends alone or with others and super heroes are his favorite subject.  Here he is entertaining people at the beach this past summer as he was Bat-man:


All of the boys adore Felicity, but Abraham and she have a special bond.  They are sweet together.


And our 1 year old doll baby!  Felicity is at a wonderful age–toddling around, babbling, wanting to snuggle and read books, and being silly.  She has a few words (mama, dada, bock bock, peas for “please”, etc.) but has been working on a lot more this week.  She received several kitchen/food play items for Christmas, and those are her favorite toys.  It’s nice that she has someone to play kitchen with her (great brothers!) and she is just adorable!  Here she is wearing her apron, cruising on Lightening McQueen and listening to Hispanic worship music on the boys’ iPod.  Hilarious!


Happy New Year!!!  (a selfie from New Year’s Eve)