The past several years, we have gone to a small Christmas tree farm to cut our own tree.  It’s very informal and not staffed, with just a pick-up truck with a window cracked a few inches for you to deposit your $20 for your tree.  It’s been a fun tradition for the boys, and now Felicity also, to run around freely and choose which tree to take home.   We don’t worry too much about the fullness (they’re not perfect at this place) but look at the size.  We decided to go big this year.  Our tree was on a big hill, which, it turns out, made it seem smaller than it really was.  IMG_0338



We felt a little silly driving home with this gigantic tree on our roof (and got a few funny looks from other drivers!), but had a good laugh over it all.  Then we got it into the living room and found out it was a LITTLE too tall for our ceiling!



We enjoyed our gigantic, funny tree and plan to continue our tradition (much like one from my childhood) of getting a ridiculously large Christmas tree!

By the way, if you look to the left, you will see some twine from the tree to the wall.  That was to provide support after it slowly fell onto me and one of the boys as we decorated!  Thankfully I caught it before it smashed us and the ornaments!


Here are some pics from our time on the farm.

Our four kiddos!IMG_0330

The boys had a blast running down the hill, jumping off rocks, etc.IMG_0344

Felicity had fun dragging a branch around and looking adorable.IMG_0324


She even got to sit on top of the car with the tree because she’s so cute!IMG_0349


…So we could take lots of pictures of her before she grows up (sniff).IMG_0355


Stay tuned to find out how we got the tree OUT of our house!  Any guesses?