IMG_3964Charlie and I gave Abraham an ant farm for Christmas, and he is loving his tiny friends!  He likes checking on his ants’ progress in tunneling throughout the day, and calls them his friends.  Sammy and Eli were interested in our pets for a few days, but Abraham–and he says Felicity–are proud myrmecologists.  (It’s so cute to hear him say “myrmecologist”, too!)  

The ants are pretty interesting, actually!  They’re always busy tunneling, caring for their dead (we’ve lost 3), and trying to escape when we open the lid.  They should live 1-3 months, which is a great length of time for us, and it’s been a very fun experience for Abraham.

The ants sometimes eat with us, which I find a little gross, but the kids enjoy it!IMG_3967

Abey spend the first few days just watching his buddies work. IMG_3969

It’s pretty cool watching them with the magnifying glass!IMG_0522

He likes to sit in this chair to check on their new tunnels first thing in the morning.IMG_3983