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Eli was reading a book yesterday and Felicity came over to listen.  They had a sweet few moments together.


In other news, Felicity really likes to dress up these days!  Here are a few cute moments that we caught on camera.

Wearing Sammy, Eli, and Abraham’s goggles all at once! IMG_4395

Just wearing a life jacket around the house.  For fashion reasons.IMG_4402

She’s singing “Let It Go” in her princess dress and sunglasses (To ask for the glasses, she says “eyes” and point to them when she starts to sing.) IMG_0996

Here she is wearing shorts over her jeans and 3 princess sleepers as capes.IMG_4388

We have been enjoying the mild weather and beautiful flowers that accompany spring in southwestern VA!  The kids get nervous about the bees buzzing around our yard and we’ve battled allergies the last month or so, but we are so thankful for spring!  The return of color, warmth, and longer days have been a welcome change for me after our first winter of homeschooling!

We have spent many hours at parks, gone bike riding several times, enjoyed the breeze on our porch, and done many other fun things in the last several weeks.  I felt very stir crazy by the end of winter with 3 energetic boys and a busy toddling girl.  Their most recent entertainment involved sliding down our staircase in sleeping bags.  I was just waiting for the cry to alert me to injury.  Thankfully, nothing too bad happened.

Can you tell I love spring??

Doing a little school on the porch one morning. IMG_0932

Abraham sweetly kissing Rosie’s boo-boo. IMG_0848

Sammy and Eli building robots with Lego’s. IMG_0949

Easter pic with Nana! IMG_0941

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