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Last week, we enjoyed a wonderful time away as a family at the beach!  There was lots of fun, digging in sand, playing in the waves, playing with new friends, scanning the waters for sharks (I was the only one doing that), board games and laughter.

Felicity didn’t really like the sand last year so we were very happy to see she now loves the beach!  She did, however, sometimes get bossy about having her water bucket refilled and would yell, “boys!” to hurry them along on their errand.  We all thought it was adorable.  She didn’t like the water the first few days but actually didn’t mind the waves later in the week.  We had to watch her more closely then!

The boys made new friends and had fun playing with them at the beach.  One dad did some major digging each morning!  He made a moat around a “mountain” of sand, then caught small fish to stock the moat for the kids.  (There were over 10 kids playing together in the water one day!)  Sammy, Eli and Abraham all got pretty good at catching fish in nets as they played in the moat.

Here are a few pictures from the beginning of our week:

Everyone was excited to be on the road!IMG_4552

So in love!IMG_4554

Just doing some digging on our first morning.IMG_4567


Digging again another morning while Rosie filled her watering can and dumped it out.  Repeatedly!IMG_4588

She loved it!IMG_4590


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