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Last week, we enjoyed a wonderful time away as a family at the beach!  There was lots of fun, digging in sand, playing in the waves, playing with new friends, scanning the waters for sharks (I was the only one doing that), board games and laughter.

Felicity didn’t really like the sand last year so we were very happy to see she now loves the beach!  She did, however, sometimes get bossy about having her water bucket refilled and would yell, “boys!” to hurry them along on their errand.  We all thought it was adorable.  She didn’t like the water the first few days but actually didn’t mind the waves later in the week.  We had to watch her more closely then!

The boys made new friends and had fun playing with them at the beach.  One dad did some major digging each morning!  He made a moat around a “mountain” of sand, then caught small fish to stock the moat for the kids.  (There were over 10 kids playing together in the water one day!)  Sammy, Eli and Abraham all got pretty good at catching fish in nets as they played in the moat.

Here are a few pictures from the beginning of our week:

Everyone was excited to be on the road!IMG_4552

So in love!IMG_4554

Just doing some digging on our first morning.IMG_4567


Digging again another morning while Rosie filled her watering can and dumped it out.  Repeatedly!IMG_4588

She loved it!IMG_4590


Sammy, Eli and Abraham had a great time building a snowman together one day during our big snow.  It was very cute to see them, especially Abraham, excited about putting him together and assembling their props!  They named him Evan.  🙂

Eli working on the eyes IMG_0789

Sammy making some finishing touches IMG_0790

Abe with a tiger hat IMG_0792

Almost done… IMG_0793

Ta-da!!!  Sammy, Abraham, and Eli are so proud!IMG_0794

Abe even wanted to give Evan a hug! IMG_0808

Where has this past month gone?  It feels like it was swallowed up in snow storms and hibernating through seriously cold weather!

We had our first real snow this month, totally somewhere around 9 or 10 inches (not official numbers)…then another storm later in the week totally 8 inches…then 3-5 more inches this week!  The kids had a great time playing in the snow for a few days, but Abraham kept getting a rash and hives from the cold and everyone started getting runny noses, so we went into hibernation.  You know, baking, reading, playing Wii, watching too much tv, etc.  I’m glad we got some snow because it’s so beautiful and the kids love playing in it, but I’m also glad that we don’t live someplace that has snow all winter.   (Sorry, Gradens!)

Felicity loved the snow, but kept taking off her gloves.  😦IMG_0690

She cruised over to check on her “bock-bocks”.IMG_0699

Abraham looking cold and cute IMG_0700

How sweet are these two?!  Abe loved pushing Rosie around the yard.IMG_0709

Our two older goofy guys IMG_0716

Me and my love! IMG_0740

Since I didn’t keep up with blogging as much as I would have liked, I’m going to share some random pictures that tell about our month.  🙂

Sammy’s journal entry about his dream room.  As you can tell, he really enjoys reading and Lego’s at this point in his life.  Notice the picture–behind his bed is a giant bookshelf with a ladder so he can climb up to choose books straight out of bed.  (He also included a lamp by his bed so he could read late at night after his brothers are asleep.) 


We have had some very nice afternoons recently, so we’ve tried to get out to parks often.  The kids are very sweet with Felicity and love having her play with them more. (Sammy and Eli holding Felicity’s hands with Abraham walking in front.)


We have attempted to rebuild a lot of old Lego sets.  Eli is very much at home when building, and Charlie says he is even better than him at finding lost pieces or following detailed instructions for hours.   Their most difficult set was 1,200 pieces!


The boys have been doing some creative drawings on our white board this winter.  They start out with some type of inspiration by Charlie or Sammy, then they spend hours adding creatures, super heroes, animals, explosions, etc. (Sammy, Eli, Abe, l-r)


Eli wrote a free verse poem for school.  I love how it sounds like Eli, very sweet and tender.  


Charlie has been preparing himself for the day when Felicity brings home a boy she wants to date.


Felicity really likes to put chapstick on herself, maybe why Charlie is starting to get nervous about the future.  ha ha.


A cute picture of everyone playing together in the living room! (Eli, Sam, Dad, Abe, Fee, top-bottom)


The moment Charlie has been waiting 9 months for happened a few weeks ago…his first kiss from Baby Girl.  I wasn’t there when it happened, but he gushed to me about it and how wonderful it was.  Then, a few days later, it happened again!  Felicity had just started pulling up so that was super exciting for her, and then Charlie got her to kiss his nose.  There was much excitement!

The Kiss!IMG_2720

The Celebration!IMG_2721


On Mother’s Day, I got all the kids out on the porch for a few pictures.  I loved it and they were great sports about it all.  IMG_2663

Best friends (for the moment) IMG_2667


Felicity and I got our picture taken after church (the boys had escaped to play by this time)


I look a little tired but had a great Mother’s Day with my family!  IMG_1169

I’ve officially run out of time to blog since Felicity started being more active!  I thought I’d throw up a few pics for the small number of family members who still check our site.  Maybe one day I’ll have more time and brain power to have real posts, but pictures will have to suffice for now.

Brittany, Jeff, Wyatt and Adelle came to visit early in May!  We had a great time together!!!

The girls going to the market IMG_1116

We have really enjoyed sitting on the porch this springIMG_1133

The boys are taking their second month of swimming lessons at the YMCA and loving it!IMG_1141

Felicity in her Easter dress!IMG_1145 

Sammy is finishing 1st grade and having fun, year-end activities, Eli is finishing up kindergarten and having lots of field trips, Abraham is loving life as usual, and Felicity is army crawling all over the place!  It’s all so fun and also tiring.  🙂

Once I get some photos uploaded from my phone, I’ll post those.  Till then, thanks for your patience!  🙂

We have been spending a lot of time in the yard this month as Charlie has been having fun building this:IMG_0866

for these guys: IMG_0889

I can hardly believe my life right now.  Never would I have expected to own chickens or that Charlie would find a hobby in them.  He loves taking care of them and planning their palace.  He put the roof on yesterday but it’s snowing outside right now so I’m not going to go outside to take a picture of it.  🙂  Look for an update on a later post.

The boys have found many things to do out in the yard, and this weekend they played dress-up!  Here’s dress-up for boys:

Eli is Thor, I’m not sure about Sammy, and Abraham is Captain America!IMG_0907

Adorable-ness. IMG_0914

I have the best time paying dress-up with my baby doll!IMG_2071

The kids have been keeping things fun around here!  The weather has warmed up some (today excluded) and we have really enjoyed being outside.  Here’s a cute picture of Felicity and I last week–loving the sunshine and watching the boys play at the park.  Aren’t we adorable??? IMG_1925

I spontaneously purchased a tutu on clearance, then had buyer’s remorse until I realized we have an adorable flower headband that matches perfectly!  We will have to take some spring photos of the princess (with a shirt) in this get-up. IMG_1933

Eli always keeps us laughing!  This is his alter ego, Mr. Willy Bottoms.IMG_1954

Other times, he sits quietly drawing.  IMG_1969

Sammy decorated some balloons.  Can you guess who they are?  (answer: Charlie and me)IMG_0795

Felicity likes to suck on her big toe when she’s getting a diaper change.IMG_1982

We have been blessed with our little girl for 7 months now!  We all love her so much.IMG_1997

She and Abraham are becoming really good friends.  Abraham said they were “tent buddies” here. IMG_2001

Big news!  Felicity has two teeth!! She’s so proud. IMG_2011


**Having four kids is incredibly busy and some days are really difficult and I barely make it till bedtime.  I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s hard.  I  just wanted to say that because we don’t take pictures during those times and I don’t want to misrepresent our lives as if we’ve got it all together.  

It was a beautiful weekend!  We played outside as much as possible after all the snow, and looking forward to another cold spell this week.  It felt so nice to be in the warm sun watching our kids play together.

Eli and Abraham enjoying leftover valentine’s suckers up in the tree house.  They really liked the color of the sky, and requested a picture of it. IMG_1895

Felicity sat in the window sill to watch her brothers, and the shadows.  She loved it!IMG_1909 

While I wasn’t looking, Sammy has grown!  I feel like he looks like a big kid in this picture! IMG_1910

A picture from before church to end the post.  Eli coordinated his camouflage outfit and Abraham is wearing an “America outfit” (he calls his socks “america socks”).  You can’t tell here but Felicity is wearing monogramed bloomers!IMG_1888

Here are a few random pictures from the past week!  Hope you enjoy them!

Captain America, ready to save the day! IMG_1837

What’s wrong with my boots?IMG_1849 

Sitting on her own and all dolled up for church.IMG_1861 

Playing outside in the wonderful weather this week! Our boys look so big!  Well, I guess Felicity does too. 🙂IMG_1876 

The girls around here!IMG_1877

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