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Regarding the gender of our unborn child, the people made their voices heard when they rallied in support of a girl, but they were wrong. God has spoken, and he has spoken thusly, “Nay, it shall be yet another boy. Get used to it.”

When the sonogram technician told us it was a boy Gretchen asked her if she was absolutely sure. She said, “Yup, there’s a penis.” Later, Sammy told us, “It made me sad when she said penis.” Me too buddy, me too.

In all seriousness, we’re very excited about having another boy. We are a little nervous about the un-babysittable horde we’ll have, but still excited. And the boys are excited about their new little brother, “Handsome Dan Lightning”.

Well the poll seems pretty conclusive. The people have spoken and they want a girl! If only this were a democratic decision we’d be set.

Truthfully, we don’t really have a strong desire for this baby to be one sex or the other. I would like for it to be a girl just because we already have boys and it would be nice to have a little variety, and also because I hear that once you have three boys no one will ever babysit for you again. Ever. But, we really enjoy our boys (real enjoyment too, not just dutiful parental faux-enjoyment) and we’d be very happy to have another one. Plus we have all kinds of cool boy stuff like Batman and Pirates and, personally, I have no desire to throw ponies and princesses into the mix.

Eli also has no real opinion about the sex, although Sammy has just changed his preference from boy to girl. He had been referring to the baby as “Danny” up until today when he told me, “I want the baby to be a girl baby now. And her name will be Lightning Girl.” Which, I have to admit, is a pretty great choice. Some other names the boys have considered:

  • Moomoo (from Eli)
  • Optimus Prime (Eli)
  • Sophie (from Sammy, also his new cousin’s name)
  • Baby Eli (Sammy)

While we have been semi-transparent about where babies come from (mommy’s tummy), Sammy is very much confused about how the baby fits into our family. He is under the impression that he and Eli will be the new babies parents. Occasionally he even refers to Eli as his “wife”, which I think comes from the fact that from his perspective he and Eli have a similar relationship to the one Gretchen and I have. They are the same size, they like the same stuff, they have the same privileges/restrictions, they share a room, etc. So he and Eli will be the baby’s parents and Gretchen and I will be the grandparents.

The whole prospect of a new baby is a lot more abstract to Eli, who hasn’t been through this before. Sometimes he’ll ask “is Sammy the baby?” or “is Corny (his stuffed dog) the baby?” He has no idea how that his cozy little world is about to be shaken at it’s very foundation.

How would you like these people to be your older brothers?

As you may or may not already know, we’re going to have another baby. Gretchen is due in June and we’ll find out the sex in just a couple weeks. Below is a poll that I’ve created to gauge interest in the sex of our unborn child. I hope my own preference isn’t too obvious…

Eli’s not a big climber…except when it comes to steps. When given the opportunity, he shoots out of our living room to get up as many steps as possible before Mommy or Daddy catches him. He was doing this the other day when I decided to grab the camera and take some pictures before making him come back down the stairs. I know Eli used to look very serious in many of his pictures, so notice how smiley he has become lately. He enjoys life much more now that he can get into trouble. ha ha.
Look at his cute little body

We headed to Ohio last weekend for my baby sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful event–Brittany and Jeff had been dating since high school so this day was a long time coming. They were both so excited and glowed as they interacted throughout the ceremony. Her dress was perfect. The reception was very nice. The cake was, of course, courtesy of my mom and was amazing. Brittany and Jeff left the reception in style…in a helicopter! Sammy’s still talking about the “hecopter”. What a day! Unfortunately, we totally forgot to bring our camera to any of the wedding festivities.
We finally remembered to break it out Sunday when the family came over to my parents’ house, but Jessica, Jason, Brittany and Jeff weren’t there. So here are some good pics of our fun minus some of our favorite people. (If anyone has any pics they’d like to send us, we’d love it.)
Most of the fam
Most of the Richieds
Very excited to swing
Sammy loves baseball
Flying on the swing
Did you notice his haircut?
About five minutes after starting our trek back home

While Sammy was sick we had a hard time finding fun things for him to do that didn’t get him too wound up. We spent a lot of time coloring!
He’s also very animated for the camera.
Sammy the photographer

Sammy and Eli have been getting pretty big while we neglected blogging, so I picked out a few pictures for you. It’s hard to believe Eli is five months old already! He’s so close to sitting on his own, babbles a lot, spends more time playing on his own, rolls over and loves watching his big brother. Sammy also loves his brother, and really likes to say “hi” to him. It’s hilarious. Sammy talks nonstop all day, loves dogs, books, trains, airplanes, cars, sticks, and the park. In case you can’t tell, he’s all boy!

Ride ’em, Cowboy!

This Jumperoo is so much more fun now that it’s Eli’s toy!

Look at me!

I don’t always have this worried look on my face…just a lot of the time.

My parents were in for a visit this past week and bought the boys some very cute Easter clothes. Of course, we had to try them on and do a little photo shoot after my mom and I went shopping. You can see a glimpse of Sammy’s ornery side in the third picture, what a big brother. ha ha. If you want to see the whole set or download any pics, see here.


I didn’t set this picture up, Sammy came around the corner in this “outfit”.

Eli seems to be entering a particularly happy phase, and he was really cheesing it up for the camera the other night. We had a great time laughing and playing with him! You can see more here.

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