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Evidently the google maps truck drove past our house recently.


Just a quick note – In order to curtail a recent rash of comment spam I’ve had to blacklist a few words. So, if you post a comment here that contains the words “viagra”, “levitra”, “refinance”, “Britney Spears” or several of the more explicit terms for intercourse and human genitalia it will automatically be marked as spam and deleted. I know that’s an inconvenience for some of you (mom), but if you want to to tell me about how Britney Spears refinanced your Levitra loan with the proceeds from her sex tape you’ll just have to write me an email.

As you may already know, I am a geek about Apple computer products. A big geek, and I am very excited about the new iPod touch. My nerd-lust is raging, and as soon as I can sell a couple of aging gadgets on ebay and save up a little cash I’ll have my very own to drool over.
There is one feature that I find particularly fascinating however, as it opens the door to a whole world of possibilities that I’m a little apprehensive about. Apple has a new partnership with Starbucks, and from now on when you take your iPhone or wifi enabled iPod to a Starbucks location an extra button will pop up on your device. If you click on that button you can purchase whatever song Starbucks is currently playing over their house speakers.

Now, that sounds like a pretty harmless thing, useful even if you like the kind of music you hear at Starbucks. What I wonder about is where this kind of advertising might eventually lead. How else could companies use dynamic, personalized, location specific advertising? How about when you’re watching TV and your cell phone says “Hey, want to buy the entire season of this show on DVD?” Or when you’re at the mall walking past the GAP and your iPod pauses your music to let you know about a sale on multi-colored scarves. What about when your wife goes to the grocery store and your TV says “Hey, I noticed your wife just left. Want to watch some pornography?”

Remember that scene in Minority Report where those billboards scan Tom Cruise’s eyes and start yelling at him and using his name? Coupon dispensers at the grocery store already have motion detectors and speakers on them, how far away from something like that are we? How long until the Coco puffs start saying “Hey Sammy, if your mom really loved you she would buy you chocolate breakfast cereal.” One thing’s for sure, we can’t put anything past big corporations when it comes to advertising. They’d be tattooing logos on newborn babies if they thought it would generate revenue.

And now, to counterbalance my insane theories here are some pictures of Sammy playing with his own little iPod knock-off at the park this morning:




When we started this site in December of 2005 it’s purpose was to be a platform for me to communicate about my internship at Grace Church. Since then it sort of petered out and then was reborn as a place for us to post stories and pictures about our growing family (plus my nonsensical ramblings about politics and poverty). This new format has become pretty popular and we’ve had quite a few visitors over the last year. Here are some statistics about the last 12 months of traffic at

8,197 total visits
1,139 absolutely unique visitors
Visitors from 38 countries (all but 80 from inside the US)
3 minutes and 34 seconds average time spent per visit

61% of traffic was direct (visitors typed “” directly into the address bar)
33% from referring sites (visitors clicked links to us on other sites)
Of those links, 13% came from our friends the Lesters, and another 10% came from the Sinks, the Kuhns and the Braatens.
6% of traffic came from search engines like Google and Yahoo.
50% of those searches were for “theevanses” or “”, the rest where for Gretchen Evans or Charlie Evans and there was a smattering of weird searches like “incontinent beagle” and “wedding wagon photos”.

Since we started using for our videos in April we’ve had a total of 698 people watch our videos, the most popular being “Up late” & “Sammy’s pool” with over 100 views each.

Now, right off the bat I can only think of about a dozen people who read this site regularly, and while I know my mom is a big fan of all the pictures, I don’t think she was responsible for all 8,000 hits we got last year. In fact, there were over two hundred unique visitors who stopped at our site in July alone.

If you’re one of those folks who has been silently reading this site think about taking a second to leave a comment. We would love to know who you are.

We’ve started using for storing our photos online. It’s free and easy to use and makes it easy to include our photos here in our blog. You can see our photos by clicking on the “Pictures” link in the sidebar, the animated photo badge below it, or by navigating to There are some new photos up now, go take a look!

We went down to Kentucky to visit my Dad last weekend. It’s about a 4 hour drive so we helped the time pass by making up anagrams for the names of people we know. Here are some of the results:

Samuel Evans = Navels Amuse
Peter Evans = Never a Pest
James Richied = Mice Hide Jars
Allyn Richied = Hi Nerdy Lilac
Jim Evans = Jive Mans
Lisa Evans = Snail Vase
Brittany Richied = Birthday Rice Tin
Heidi Graden = Hi I Gardened (Also Heidi Danger!)
Jessica Shinn = Chess is Ninja
Gretchen Evans = Vegan Trenches
Charles Evans = Clean Shavers

And here are some other good ones:

Debit card = Bad credit
Slot machines = Cash lost in ’em
School master = The classroom
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Dormitory = Dirty room
Punishment = Nine Thumps
Desperation A rope ends it
The Morse code = Here come dots
Snooze alarms = Alas! No more Zs
A decimal point = I’m a dot in place
Astronomer = Moon starer
The eyes = They see
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
Conversation = Voices rant on
Election results = Lies, let’s recount
The Hurricanes = These churn air
Military weapon = Employ it in a war
Shapely girl = Largely hips
Late Shift = That’s life

Congratulations on having successfully made it though the new password system! Now that you’re in, please enjoy our even newer picture section.

We must have entered a particularly endearing phase in little Samuel’s life because as I look back over the last few weeks we have taken lots, and I mean lots, of pictures. He has become so expressive and happy and playful that you can’t help but laugh when you’re with him. It really is a blast being a parent and if the trend continues, I can’t wait for the next stage in his life!

One night as we were getting Sammy ready for bed, Charlie decided to see if he had a preference for any of his stuffed animals. Chomps the alligator clearly won out as Sammy squealed and stuffed as much of the gator in his mouth as possible.

Sumo Sammy

Napping with Mommy on Thanksgiving morning

It was kind of difficult to wake up from the nap

My two favorite guys

Well, as you may have noticed we’ve had a comment problem lately. Some marketing geniuses have been flooding our comment system with poorly written advertisements for their useless junk. For those not in the know, this annoying and futile brand of advertising is called “spam”. If you’ve ever used an email account you’ve no doubt encountered it before.

Why anyone would think it was a good idea to make a comment on our blog about half priced medication for erectile dysfunction I have no idea, but as of right now I’ve implemented some comment filtering safeguards that should make it impossible for spammers to continue posting here. Unfortuately, this also means that your comments will not be posted immediately. They’ll sit in a holding bin until Gretchen or I can go through and delete the junk.
So, I apologize for the inconvenience, and if you know anyone who spams other people for a living, please punch them in the face for me.

In an attempt to make it easier for our readers to post comments I inadvertently stopped comments from being posted altogether! HaHa!

I was thinking this evening, “I wonder why no one has commented on any of these great posts my wife has been making”, so I logged into our site as an administrator and saw that we had “16 COMMENTS AWAITING MODERATION”. Color me surprised. If you posted a comment in the last few weeks and wondered why it never showed up, wonder no more. It’s because I’m stupid.

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